About us

We are Czech dynamic company specializes in creating outdoor gyms for public, commercial and private use. We are focused on complete realization of workout equipment, street workouts and fitness parks. All made just from Czech components.



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We always put quality on first place. Development, construction, production, installation, testing – all of it is done with maximum care and attention. All the certifications are according to DIN-norm, CZ and EN.



Minimalism and playful design point out how simple and natural the body-weight exercise is. It also does not disrupt the surrounding.


Each part has purpose and practical use. Therefore, our products are unique in constructive design as well as in number of possible exercises.

Basic exercises for outdoor gym


Pull-ups are basic and very effective exercise uses mainly the lats muscle as well as biceps and forearm muscles.

Parallette Push-ups:

push-ups are basic street-workout exercise and parallette pus-ups are ideal for triceps or breast muscle workout.


Abs are important for doing street-workout exercise. There are many ways to train your abs such as crunches, sit-ups, hanging ab exercise etc.


Do not forget for your legs. Squats are easy to do for most of us but you can make them more difficult with a high jump (jump squats).


Push-ups are well-known exercise. Most famous are the basic ones for training overall pectoral and arms muscles. There are also narrow push-ups for training triceps and wide push-ups for breast muscle workouts.

Combination exercise:

Start with outdoor exercise if possible and do not forget to increase your training intensity. If you do 10×3 pull-ups on first training increase that for 10×4 on the next one. Change the exercises regularly so your body does not get used to it. An advantage of the street-workout training is that you can exercise every day. This is recommended by professionals specialized in outdoor fitness.

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